Sometimes meals need that little something extra 


Sticky Toffee Pudding

Saskatoon Crumble


Cheese Cake

Chocolate Fondue 

Cheese and Fruit Platter 

Salads and Starters 

Capresse salad                         $4.00

Caesar Salad                            $5.00

House Mixed Greens                $5.00

Baked Pesto Garlic Shrimp       $7.50

Dim Sum dumplings                  $6.50

Spinach and Artichoke Dip        $4.50

Spanakopita                              $4.50

Cocktail Meat Balls                    $5.00

The Soup Collection

Soup in a Jar - In house dried soup mixes, just add water and cook 

    Winter Lentil

    5 Bean


Fresh Cook and Serve  - veggies, meat, stock and spices all measured and cut just water and cook

Soup of the day  - all made ready for you to heat and eat

   1/2 litre   $ 4.00

     1  litre   $ 6.00

Odon or ramen bowls ( a meal all by it self)                    $7.25

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